SINCE 2009
Our Story

Paul Her and Toan Nguyen, owners of Thai Village, launched their restaurant eight years ago. The duo met at school in Michigan and combined their management and culinary skills to create a unique restaurant that is quickly becoming a favorite in Tulsa. Surrounded by schools, hotels and local businesses, Thai Village has grown to be an everyday hangout where customers can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices. The restaurant boasts of indoor as well as outdoor seating and has a menu that is guaranteed to satify anyone who through its doors. 
Please feel free to look over our menus or come into the restuarant for our daily specials  
Quality Food
At Thai Village, we use premium ingredients and prepare every dish from scratch to give our customers a unique Thai experience.
Affordable Prices
With Lunch Specials and Discounts throughout the day, Thai Village provides scrumptious food at affordable prices.
Prompt Service
At Thai Village, our chefs work extra fast to minimize wait time and customers usually have to wait for no longer than five-ten minutes. 
Chef recommendations
  1. Pa-Nang Curry
    Pa-Nang Curry
    Green Peppers and Coconut Milk infused with spices
  2. Cashew Chicken
    Cashew Chicken
    Chicken, Cashew nuts and the special house sauce
  3. Fried Rice
    Fried Rice
    Thai Fried rice with chicken, beef, pork or shrimp
  4. Rice and Potato Curry
    Rice and Potato Curry
    Flavourful curry loaded with potatoes and creamy sauce
  5. Signature Drinks
    Signature Drinks
    Lemonade, Thai Tea and Thai Coffee
  6. Spring Rolls
    Spring Rolls
    Fresh vegetables and chicken deep fried in a crispy skin


Each dish helps create great EXPERIENCES and MEMORIES
Best Thai food around!! Great service and awesome food who could ask for more! Totally worth it every time we go!!
Shawn Rose 
The staff is very likeable and the food is amazing! If you're in Tulsa and hungry for authentic Thai food, go here.
Margo Hanner 
We had a rice dish and the Pad Thai. It was delicious and we got to choose our own spice level. I would definitely recommend this place.
Sherry Kochert